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As a subscriber you will get access to my creative life...and please feel free to contribute! I want song ideas...what do you care about? If its the same as me we can immortalize it in song! I love the's a flexible form. I can grow with it, change it to suit my maximize energy, catharsis...whatever I'm trying for at that moment.

I also love's an amazingly complex art form, full of colour and vitality. Mixed, the 2 genres work well, and personally I think each complements the other well and gives a lot of creative's something I LOVE. Especially playing with musicians that have feel, a great sound, and great technical's awesome and better than...most things.

You will also get my music downloads immediately, lots of outtakes and demos, lyric rough sheets, unfinished ideas you can help me with, cheap tickets and other stuff, including equipment, old guitars and so on as they come up.
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Roo Friend, Stomperoo

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Brisbane, Australia
Stomperoo, sideman to the famous, playing guitar music crossing over on blues, jazz, folk and funk, re-defining and de-constructing everything from divorce, property settlement, gardening and crop rotation to junk food, obesity, infants, terrorism, sex and traffic, in the style of Mose Allison, Georgie Fame, Tom Waits, and Arlo Guthrie.

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